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Understanding EMV Liability Shift


The EMV liability shift seems to be something of a mystery to many merchants and merchant service providers. But EMV chip cards are here to stay, so it makes sense to better understand the shift and how EMV-enabled devices can perform well for you.

But is it mandatory? And what about stolen cards? Has my company’s liability increased because of the transition?

There’s really nothing complicated about understanding EMV chip technology and the EMV terminals that accept them. But good information on the topic hasn’t been as easy to find as some have expected. Simply put, fraud and other issues have caused a change in payment processing toward EMV chip-in-card technology that has resulted in the need for EMV-compliant terminal devices at many businesses. Whether you like or believe in credit card chip technology or not, it may be in the best interest of your business to fully comply. Partial compliance is better than not complying at all. And if you’re in certain industries, you may have more time to comply anyway.

To learn more about the EMV transition, including six key pieces of information you may not realize about changing to chip-in-card technology, visit the website of PayVisors. There’s an article there on that topic and many other topics related to payment processing. At PayVisors, the goal is always to help businesses make good decisions.

Understanding EMV Liability Shift обновлено: October 16, 2021 автором: Katherine Pensatori
Understanding EMV Liability Shift
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Understanding EMV Liability Shift
Want to get to know some critical facts about the EMV liability shift? Read this article to understand EMV chip technology and the EMV terminals that accept them.
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