April 12, 2014 [molongui_author_box]

How to Secure your Payment Systems?

If your company stores customer payment information, you’re likely in the scope for required Payment Card Industry or PCI compliance. Correctly choosing among the available secure payment systems is essential to protecting your customer data, getting PCI compliant and doing business well, no matter how large your company grows.

You’ll need to answer questions like whether credit card information should be stored, how it should be stored and who bears the liability for storing card details. Secure payment systems answer those questions and more for you, allowing you to be fully PCI compliant.

But payment security also involves cardholder data flow. You may be in the scope for the PCI compliance requirement depending on how the card is accepted, what software is used and how the card is processed. Are you sure you’re handling this important part of doing business right?

UniPay gateway advantages

It’s hard to imagine any kind of business that isn’t dependent on transactions of some kind. When your company chooses the UniPay gateway rather than other secure payment systems, you’re choosing integration with most credit card companies and banks plus a range of customizable services that are sure to help you get PCI compliant and manage your payments better than ever. While other products may not handle billing and collections, for example, UniPay does.

It’s also scalable for use in companies of any size, easy to use and processor-independent. Changing to UniPay can also allow you to renegotiate merchant agreement pricing and save money every time you process a transaction.

Secure payment systems aren’t all the same, but a robust and feature-rich payment gateway like UniPay that’s truly focused on payment security can do everything you need and more.

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