October 31, 2017
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Written by James Davis
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Key Takeaways

  • Vantiv’s Dual Platform Offering for PayFacs: Vantiv, a significant player in the payment processing market, caters to payment facilitators with two distinct platforms: Vantiv Tandem (legacy platform) and Vantiv Lowell (newer platform). These platforms differ in key areas such as merchant onboarding, transaction processing formats, chargeback handling, and reconciliation reporting.
  • Feature Variability Between Platforms: While some features like account updater are common to both Vantiv Tandem and Vantiv Lowell, others, such as ACH payment processing, are only fully or partially available on one of the platforms, indicating the need for PayFacs to carefully assess which platform aligns with their specific requirements.
  • Integration Process for PayFacs with Vantiv: Payment facilitators opting for Vantiv as their processing partner should anticipate a multi-month integration period. Utilizing a pre-integrated payment management platform like UniPay Gateway can streamline this process, offering a unified interface to leverage the benefits of both Vantiv platforms.
  • Considerations for Platform Selection: PayFacs must consider the unique attributes and capabilities of each Vantiv platform to determine which one best suits their operational needs, taking into account factors like technological compatibility, feature requirements, and integration complexity.


If you are a payment facilitator, you have special requirements to your potential processing partner. Naturally, a payment platform you choose to integrate with should have a payfac program, that suits your needs. One of the largest payment processors at today’s market is Vantiv. It offers two payment platforms to its payment facilitator customers. They are Vantiv Tandem and Vantiv Lowell.

Vantiv Tandem is a legacy platform, while Vantiv Lowell is a new one. That is why these two platforms differ in some critical aspects, such as merchant onboarding process, file formats for real-time and batch transaction processing, chargeback handling and disputing mechanisms, reconciliation report formats. Some features, such as account updater are available in both platforms, while others, such as ACH payment processing are supported (or partly supported) by just one platform of the two.

The Integration Process

If you are a payfac and you choose Vantiv as your processing partner, you need to allocate several months’ time for integration. The integration process can be simplified if you use some ready-made payment management software platform, such as UniPay Gateway, that is already integrated with the processor. It will save your time and provide a single entry point, allowing you to access the benefits of both platforms, offered by Vantiv.

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