June 5, 2015
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Written by James Davis
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Payment Terminal Fulfillment Process

Payment terminal fulfillment mechanism is associated with several important aspects. First, a fulfillment center you are dealing with needs to be able to install all the necessary software and to inject the encryption keys of the processes, which the merchants are going to partner with, into the terminals. Second, there is a whole set of fulfillment-related issues which you need to think through.

Fulfillment-related issues

  • You need to know how the initial order of terminals is going to be placed and who is going to capture it (you, i.e. payment terminal solution provider, or a fulfillment center).
  • You need to know how the orders are going to be modified if merchants decide to change the models or quantities of the terminals they order. Keep in mind that the order might be still with the reseller, at the fulfillment center, already on the way, or already shipped.
  • You need know how the orders are going to be cancelled, of merchants decide to refuse to purchase or rent the terminals.
  • You need to know how the terminals are going to be returned if a merchant decides to stop dealing with his payment service provider, or if terminals are out of order.
  • You need to know how maintenance works are going to be performed.
  • Finally, you need to know how you are going to deal with stock shortages, i.e. whether you are going to deal with several fulfillment centers, or think of some automatic re-stocking mechanism.

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