September 16, 2015
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Monitoring of Payment Gateway Operation

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The two basic approaches used for monitoring of payment gateway operation include transaction velocity tracking mechanism and internal audit. Internal audit is intended to detect problems within the payment gateway system itself. Transaction velocity tracking is the mechanism targeted at detection of connection problems and issues, happening on the customers’ end.

Sometimes internal audit of a payment gateway includes checking of log files, generated by various subsystems. In some cases it can include regular pinging of different system components, meant to ensure that they are functioning properly.

The Tracking Mechanism

Transaction velocity tracking mechanism is based on monitoring of transaction volumes, processed by different entities, serviced by a payment gateway. If processing behavior of some customer suddenly changes, it may be a sign of a problem on the customer’s end. Sometimes (in the case of separate terminals, for instance) it is more appropriate to monitor transaction volumes by MID, while sometimes (in the case of large POS applications servicing multiple merchants) it is better to monitor transaction volumes according to particular integrations.

In order to ensure proper operation of internal audit mechanisms, it is appropriate to have some higher-level audit procedures to check if the diagnostic systems themselves are functioning properly. These checks can be a part of overall diagnostic procedures.

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