November 20, 2013
Written by
James Davis
Written by James Davis
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Merchant Services Branding

Nowadays merchant services branding is rapidly gaining relevance. More and more companies want to use Payment Pages and bill payment portals, and want the information displayed on those Payment Pages and portals to be branded.

Different Payment Processing Solutions

As people and organizations adapt various types of payment processing solutions, they face the challenges emerging around branding and white-label options. The range of entities in need of branding solutions is very wide. Many merchant service providers like to have their own branded versions of virtual terminals or have their logo and contact information on merchant statements they are sending to merchants. Independent sales organizations (ISOs) are becoming payment service providers, so their white-label (branding) needs grow. Businesses dealing with virtual currencies and implementing e-wallet solutions also face branding-related challenges; these businesses are interested in white-label payment gateway offerings that they can adapt and then resell as part of their offer. Software companies try to build their revenue off of the merchant services, and very often they require branded solutions as well.

White-label payment gateways and open-source payment gateways provide flexible tools to be used by merchants, resellers, payment service providers, merchant service providers and other industry players for branding of information which they share with their respective customers.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand all your branding needs and to find the ideal solution for your business, especially as your business grows, and various new requirements get added. In our attempt to help businesses like abovementioned ones (and others), we have created an article where various aspects of branding are explained: what types of items can be branded and what are the common scenarios when such branding is required. Using this article you will be able to better understand the concept, evaluate your needs, and decide on the best solution for you.

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