January 19, 2016
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Written by James Davis
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UniPay Gateway Payment Advice

What to choose: Embedded Or Non-Embedded Terminal Solution?

Terminal SolutionsUnderstanding the difference between an embedded and a non-embedded terminal solution can make it easier for you to make an informed and intelligent decision. Terminal software isn’t all the same. So which of today’s terminal solutions is right for you? A payment terminal can be a slave to a master ...

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Integrated Payment Gateway

When software companies offer integrated payment solutions, they’re effectively giving merchants a much-needed break. Integrated payments mean much less duplication of effort, and that means everyone saves time, money and other resources in the long run. And just as important, other things are easier when there’s a single point of integration, ...

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Changing Processors Is More Complex Than Ever

For a payment service provider, changing processors is a more complex undertaking than ever before. Moving from one payment processor to another must involve consideration of things like onboarding integration, plus chargeback handling and much more. That’s because processors offer more than ever before. When you fully understand the modern processor migration process, ...

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Several Available Ways to Become a Payment Service Provider

Becoming a payment service provider is possible, but let’s be realistic: it’s a big task. Still, becoming a PSP is something your company can accomplish if you take it step by step and make the right decisions along the way. Payment service providers must deal with complex legal, governmental and budgeting issues ...

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How to Ease Customer Frustrations With EMV?

EMV terminals can be very frustrating for customers, but software companies can play a role in easing these issues by setting an optimistic example. It also helps when the terminal software provided by a software company is as easy to use as possible too. Customers had gotten accustomed to traditional payment ...

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When Does A Commercial Open Source Software Make Sense?

When you need a solid payment processing system you can manipulate to meet your specific needs, it may be time to consider an open source payment gateway. When you choose an open source payment gateway solution, you’re choosing flexibility as well as modern features that you may not get from older ...

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Common Challenges whith Legacy Payment Systems

Open source software can make it easier than you ever thought possible to replace your failing and patched legacy payment software with something robust and adaptable. Choosing an open source payment gateway can help you take control of a difficult situation without having to hire a complete team of programmers and invest ...

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Payment Terminal Cloud Model

Payment terminal cloud is an innovative concept in the merchant services market. Thanks to non-blocking inputoutput technology (NIO), it is now possible to create terminal clouds, sometimes involving thousands of payment terminals, connected to the server.Payment Terminal SolutionsTraditional non-embedded (and many embedded) payment terminal solutions required direct communication between the POS ...

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Build Your Own Payment Gateway

Building your own payment gateway is a challenging and daunting project, but licensing an open source payment gateway can certainly make the process easier than starting from scratch. With the right open source payment gateway solution, you’re several steps ahead of the game and can benefit from established relationships. When trying ...

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EMV contactless payments

Contactless payments allow both merchants and cardholders to save time, providing a handy payment tool. Contactless payments are often referred to as near-field contact or NFC payments, as they are based on the NFC technology which works as follows. Once a card gets into the magnetic field of the terminal, card ...

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How Businesses can Become a Payment Facilitator

Companies with a desire to become a payment facilitator face a long road and many challenges, but it may be possible for your company to meet those challenges if you know what’s expected and choose the right payment gateway solution. Payment facilitators take legal responsibility for money when it isn’t still in the ...

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Is It Possible To Recreate PayPal With UniPay?

If PayPal isn’t available in your part of the world or the kind of business you operate isn’t highly regarded by this payment industry giant, you may be wondering if you can build your own version of the ideal payment gateway using the UniPay payment gateway solution or another product. The ...

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What’s So Challenging About Building Your Own Payment Gateway?

The right in-house or white label payment gateway is crucial in powering today’s online commerce, and the best payment gateway for online business is one that offers a robust range of features. So why not just build your own from scratch and avoid licensing fees and monthly costs? That can be ...

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Having worked in the industry for more than a decade, we know firsthand, how challenging it is to choose an optimal payment processing gateway solution for a business. Indeed, selection and implementation of credit card processing gateway solutions depends on multiple interconnected factors that should be taken into consideration.

In addition to this, various types of businesses—startups, merchants, payment facilitator companies, investment firms, venture capital companies, franchisors, SaaS platforms, and online marketplaces—are all keenly interested in specific payment gateway processing services. All the listed business types have their own specific needs and questions to the industry.

All the listed business types have their own specific needs and questions to the industry.

Let us look at the needs and questions, that different companies have to address.

Payment gateway processing needs and questions

Many of our existing and prospective customers seek relevant gateway processing advice. Categories of our customers and readers include but are not limited to:

  • Various startup businesses;
  • Merchants searching for gateway credit card processing solutions and partnerships;
  • PayFac companies;
  • Different types of independent sales organizations;
  • SaaS platforms choosing between different flavors of credit card payment processing gateway options;
  • Venture capital companies and investment firms;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Franchise owners;
  • Payment software providers and ISV that want to keep track of the advanced credit card processing payment gateway
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Industry newcomers often focus on basic questions such as “what is a gateway for credit card processing?”. They need to know the roles of acquirers, processors, and gateways, as well as the differences between these entities.

Merchants and payment facilitator companies are looking for payment gateway credit card processing partnerships. Usually, they need to choose between off-the-shelf and white label payment gateway solutions.

Conventional and wholesale ISOs, SaaS companies, franchisors, online marketplaces, and venture capital firms, are considering the prospect of implementing the payment facilitator model.

Larger companies and international corporations are looking for global gateway credit card processing solutions. These businesses want to know more about cross-border transaction fees, multicurrency operations, and payment processing worldwide.

Payment software developers want to know about the latest fintech trends, advanced technologies, and common payment gateway processing error types they should prevent and avoid.

In order to accommodate the needs and answer the questions of the widest spectrum of readers and customers, we are creating high-quality content. It includes both textual and visual information. Presently, payment gateway processing advice is the largest category of information materials, offered at our resource hub. The section features more than 130 topical articles, covering various aspects of electronic payment processing.

Let us take a closer look at the articles published in the payment gateway advice section of our resource hub.

A sneak-peek at our payment gateway processing advice

Articles in the payment advice section are not grouped into specific categories according to topics or target readers. These articles appeared during the last decade to cover the most relevant issues of fintech, payment processing, and payment services provision.

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Some articles explain the basic concepts related to payment processing ecosystems. They include acquirer, processor, gateway, merchant of record (MOR), ISO, conventional and white-label payment facilitator. These articles will be of interest to those who are familiarizing themselves with fintech field.

Articles on multicurrency payment processing, cross-border transaction fees, and handling payments worldwide will be helpful for international companies.

Advice on implementation of white label payment gateway solutions will be beneficial for companies that are looking to have a payment gateway of their own. It turns out that white label payment gateway offerings, such as UniPay Gateway, provide more control than third-party gateways, but require less investments than off-the-shelf solutions developed from scratch by the company’s development team.

Most articles are dedicated to some specific technical aspects of electronic payment handling. For example, these aspects include usage of EMV toolkits, processing of in-app and mobile payments, split funding model, and others.

A special group of our articles with payment gateway advice covers strategic solutions for large projects. These include legacy system replacement, reduction of processing costs, getting out of PCI scope, and others.

If you are looking for an answer to some specific question, relevant for your particular business model, there is a high chance that you will find it in one of the articles from our payment gateway advice category.

To Summarize

The articles from our payment gateway processing advice section will definitely help you navigate the payment services industry. Enjoy reading and watching our content!

And do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with our UniPay Gateway product,  watch a short video guide, and request a demo.

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