April 8, 2016
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Written by James Davis
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UniPay Gateway Payment Advice

PCI scope

Every company, which accepts credit card payments and handles cardholder data, falls into the so-called PCI scope. It means that, in accordance to payment card industry (PCI) requirements, it has to go through regular PCI audit. In order to be PCI compliant, the company has to perform tokenization of card numbers. ...

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Dealing with multiple international payment platforms

Due to international nature of modern merchant services market, many companies start looking for opportunities to expand their online payment processing operations to new geographies. International payment platforms This tendency towards global payment processing creates new challenges for expanding companies, such as having to deal with multiple international payment platforms, multi-currency operations, underwriting ...

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Legacy Payment Systems Replacement

Many present-day businesses are still using legacy systems to handle payments. Often these legacy systems are incapable of meeting the requirements of modern merchant services industry. Although the management of a company might realize the necessity of replacing the legacy system with a newer solution, capable of performing existing and new ...

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Challenges in Payment Software Upgrading

Adding new components to existing business solutions is always a challenge. A new component added to some business solution can either replace some older version of the same component, or perform some new functions. In any of the two cases some common problems (typical for merchant services industry) can emerge, no ...

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How to Choose the Best Mobile EMV Solution?

Key Takeaways Integration Challenges for POS Software Providers: POS software providers face the task of integrating card-present solutions into mobile apps. When a mobile device connects to a card reader, it becomes a mobile POS system, necessitating compliance with both PCI and EMV standards. EMV Certification and Compliance Requirements: EMV regulations mandate certification ...

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Easy Maintenance

A payment gateway that doesn’t work well doesn’t help anyone. That’s why the UniPay Gateway from United Thinkers is designed with easy integration and maintenance in mind. Payment gateway integration can go more smoothly than you ever imagined when you move up to UniPay and our modern, robust open source commercial ...

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EMV chip technology

The EMV liability shift seems to be something of a mystery to many merchants and merchant service providers. But EMV chip cards are here to stay, so it makes sense to better understand the shift and how EMV-enabled devices can perform well for you. But is it mandatory? And what about stolen ...

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EMV Liability Changes

A terminal cloud solution that works well and supports EMV can help ease some pain points that companies experience when dealing with payment processing. Modern payment terminal software designed with today’s needs in mind isn’t just a dream, however. It’s a reality for those who use the right terminal application. EMV technology shift The ...

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Omni-Channel Payment Platform

In-person sales, website transactions and assisted sales through call centers can all come together in one place with an omni-channel payment platform. Omni-channel systems provide a consistent experience and allow for having all information in one place, benefitting both your staff and your customers. So what’s not to like? Omni-channel payment processing Omni-channel processing ...

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Cross-Platform Support

When you choose the UniPay gateway from United Thinkers, you’re choosing a robust and feature-rich cross-platform support payment system. What does cross-platform support mean? It means maximum flexibility and compatibility. In today’s payment processing world, true cross-platform support is rare. With UniPay’s cross-platform software, you can work with a wide range of ...

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EMV transaction fallbacks

EMV fallback transaction is an important concept, allowing companies, which accept card payments, to make the process of handling of EMV cards more flexible. EMV standard was introduced to make card payments more secure. However, in some cases EMV card chip cannot be read by the payment terminal. For instance, either ...

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Payment Gateway Integrations in Canada

If you are planning payment processor or payment gateway integrations in Canada, you have to keep in mind that you will need to implement special logic. Implementation of this additional logic is required by Interac Association, the major Canadian inter-bank debit network. Particularly, the new functionality, required by Interac network, is ...

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When do You Need Split Funding?

Key Takeaways Split Funding in Modern Merchant Services: Split funding is essential when multiple parties are involved in a transaction, such as resellers, ISOs, MSPs, and others. Modern payment processing software must effectively divide payments to ensure each party receives its share of the revenue, including handling fees like convenience fees and ...

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Payment Terminal Features

You deserve the fullest possible range of features, so you must exclude terminal solutions that don’t offer you all the features you want. Terminal software is available to fully meet your needs. While not every terminal solution is the same, you can choose payment terminal software that goes beyond simply powering ...

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Having worked in the industry for more than a decade, we know firsthand, how challenging it is to choose an optimal payment processing gateway solution for a business. Indeed, selection and implementation of credit card processing gateway solutions depends on multiple interconnected factors that should be taken into consideration.

In addition to this, various types of businesses—startups, merchants, payment facilitator companies, investment firms, venture capital companies, franchisors, SaaS platforms, and online marketplaces—are all keenly interested in specific payment gateway processing services. All the listed business types have their own specific needs and questions to the industry.

All the listed business types have their own specific needs and questions to the industry.

Let us look at the needs and questions, that different companies have to address.

Payment gateway processing needs and questions

Many of our existing and prospective customers seek relevant gateway processing advice. Categories of our customers and readers include but are not limited to:

  • Various startup businesses;
  • Merchants searching for gateway credit card processing solutions and partnerships;
  • PayFac companies;
  • Different types of independent sales organizations;
  • SaaS platforms choosing between different flavors of credit card payment processing gateway options;
  • Venture capital companies and investment firms;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Franchise owners;
  • Payment software providers and ISV that want to keep track of the advanced credit card processing payment gateway
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Industry newcomers often focus on basic questions such as “what is a gateway for credit card processing?”. They need to know the roles of acquirers, processors, and gateways, as well as the differences between these entities.

Merchants and payment facilitator companies are looking for payment gateway credit card processing partnerships. Usually, they need to choose between off-the-shelf and white label payment gateway solutions.

Conventional and wholesale ISOs, SaaS companies, franchisors, online marketplaces, and venture capital firms, are considering the prospect of implementing the payment facilitator model.

Larger companies and international corporations are looking for global gateway credit card processing solutions. These businesses want to know more about cross-border transaction fees, multicurrency operations, and payment processing worldwide.

Payment software developers want to know about the latest fintech trends, advanced technologies, and common payment gateway processing error types they should prevent and avoid.

In order to accommodate the needs and answer the questions of the widest spectrum of readers and customers, we are creating high-quality content. It includes both textual and visual information. Presently, payment gateway processing advice is the largest category of information materials, offered at our resource hub. The section features more than 130 topical articles, covering various aspects of electronic payment processing.

Let us take a closer look at the articles published in the payment gateway advice section of our resource hub.

A sneak-peek at our payment gateway processing advice

Articles in the payment advice section are not grouped into specific categories according to topics or target readers. These articles appeared during the last decade to cover the most relevant issues of fintech, payment processing, and payment services provision.

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Some articles explain the basic concepts related to payment processing ecosystems. They include acquirer, processor, gateway, merchant of record (MOR), ISO, conventional and white-label payment facilitator. These articles will be of interest to those who are familiarizing themselves with fintech field.

Articles on multicurrency payment processing, cross-border transaction fees, and handling payments worldwide will be helpful for international companies.

Advice on implementation of white label payment gateway solutions will be beneficial for companies that are looking to have a payment gateway of their own. It turns out that white label payment gateway offerings, such as UniPay Gateway, provide more control than third-party gateways, but require less investments than off-the-shelf solutions developed from scratch by the company’s development team.

Most articles are dedicated to some specific technical aspects of electronic payment handling. For example, these aspects include usage of EMV toolkits, processing of in-app and mobile payments, split funding model, and others.

A special group of our articles with payment gateway advice covers strategic solutions for large projects. These include legacy system replacement, reduction of processing costs, getting out of PCI scope, and others.

If you are looking for an answer to some specific question, relevant for your particular business model, there is a high chance that you will find it in one of the articles from our payment gateway advice category.

To Summarize

The articles from our payment gateway processing advice section will definitely help you navigate the payment services industry. Enjoy reading and watching our content!

And do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with our UniPay Gateway product,  watch a short video guide, and request a demo.

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