November 16, 2015 [molongui_author_box]

Is Your Need For Recurring Billing Complex?

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Some companies that use recurring billing don’t need much. They simply need to collect the same recurring payments from the same group of a few customers every week, month or year. And frankly, quite a few low-cost options are available to handle that. But most of today’s companies are a bit more dynamic and need more flexibility. There are payment systems available that can meet your needs and keep up with your changes over time.

Recurring Payments

You may already know that recurring charges can get complicated, and you need something that doesn’t restrict your options if you must accept recurring payments. For example, you may need to deal with both committed and uncommitted recurring payment customers. Uncommitted customers aren’t bound by any rules and can’t be held liable if they decide to quit paying you. Committed customers – like those of cell phone companies and gyms – are under contract and have to pay up even if initial collection efforts fail.

Plus, there’s scheduling. You may operate on a fixed or term payment plan or offer a pay-as-you-go plan. Or your schedule may be a unique hybrid of more than one method that many recurring billing solutions simply can’t understand.

The UniPay gateway is excellent at handling complicated recurring payment processing. An article on the PayVisors business consulting website explains what we mean in a bit more detail. Don’t you want the best recurring billing software available?

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