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Is It Possible To Recreate PayPal With UniPay?


If PayPal isn’t available in your part of the world or the kind of business you operate isn’t highly regarded by this payment industry giant, you may be wondering if you can build your own version of the ideal payment gateway using the UniPay payment gateway solution or another product. The answer is yes; it’s possible to recreate this payment processing system. It’s a big job, but it’s doable.

You’ll need a wallet and a gateway, and both payment gateways and wallets can be licensed. That makes much more sense than trying to create your own from scratch – a process that can take years. Plus, there’s no guide available for recreating the functionality and success of PayPal. All customer info must be stored in a wallet, and you’ll need a robust and full-featured gateway. As you’ll see in an article on the PayVisors website, the best credit card payment gateway for online business in many people’s estimation is UniPay.

When you choose UniPay payment gateway services as the basis of your PayPal alternative and to allow your clients to accept credit card payments, hundreds of hours of relationships and development are behind you.

 Of course, you’ll have to gain customer acceptance for your new products, but that’s something you can handle with the right public relations and marketing program. Why not learn more about creating your own PayPal alternative using UniPay payment processing software by visiting a more in-depth article at PayVisors? You’ll be glad you did.

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