Internet-acquiring and omni-channel payment platforms


When we are talking about an omni-channel payment platform, we mean that the platform provides a wide variety of services, related to processing of different kinds of payments. Omni-channel payment processing systems are most suitable for merchants, who both have online presence and accept payments through physical outlets.

An online business, trying to get a merchant account, or a merchant, working only in e-commerce industry, does not necessarily have to look for potential processing partners only among omni-channel systems. True, omni-channel processing means broad functionality, but does an online merchant really need all the functions, offered by an omni-channel payment processing platform? Do online companies have to pay for a bunch of advanced, but often unnecessary and costly functions, targeted at those who work in omni-channel commerce and not in e-commerce only?

Sometimes, the best choice of a processing partner for an online business in search of a merchant account (or for an online merchant in search of a processing partner) is a payment processing platform, specializing on internet acquiring. The concept “internet acquiring” means providing merchant accounts to online companies. In a broader sense the term includes payment processing services, intended for online merchants.

Read more about both omni-channel payment processing platforms and payment platforms, specializing on internet acquiring in the respective article on Paylosophy.

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