February 9, 2016 [molongui_author_box]

Cross-Platform Support

When you choose the UniPay gateway from United Thinkers, you’re choosing a robust and feature-rich cross-platform support payment system. What does cross-platform support mean? It means maximum flexibility and compatibility.

In today’s payment processing world, true cross-platform support is rare. With UniPay’s cross-platform software, you can work with a wide range of processors and banks. But that’s not all. The UniPay payment gateway is commercial open source software designed to work on most terminal models and with whatever operating systems you’re using as well.

Our cross-platform payment solution is powerful, scalable and feature-packed to meet a wide range of needs for the widest possible range of companies. Support for different operating systems and different banks is just part of our commitment to maximum functionality. The complete UniPay payment processing solution is built on the foundation of a powerful processor-agnostic payment gateway with built-in integrations for many processors and banks around the world.

Want to add new terminals that use a different OS than your older ones? That’s not a problem with UniPay. Worried that your banks and processors aren’t supported? Ask for complete details. Need a payment solution that’s reliable and fast, not old and pieced together? You may be surprised what moving up to UniPay can do for you.

Can you envision UniPay as your new payment solution? Let us help you. Contact us now using this site’s online chat capabilities or fill out our form to request a demo. With UniPay from United Thinkers, payment processing couldn’t be simpler.

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