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Collections Services

Revenue collections services are critical for any business operating on recurring billing model. While subscription payments tend to make company’s products and services more affordable, managing the stream of recurring revenue can represent a major challenge. It’s great to give your customers flexibility of installment payments, but what do you do when they fail on commitment and do not pay..? How do you handle collections services within your infrastructure? How can you recover payments in a dignified and respectful way? 

Answering these questions can become a real issue, especially to those, who would like to outsource collections services, but who have heard numerous horror stories about customers getting threatened by collections agencies. Most people associate collections services with 3rd party collections process, which sometimes involves threats, harassment and ultimately credit bureau reporting and ruined credit history. What many businesses do not realize, however, is that a simple and consistent follow up on declined credit card payments also constitutes a type of collections service, and implementing it correctly (either in-house or through outsourcing) is a key element in successful recurring billing based revenue strategy.

Experience a different kind of collections services…

While we are not a collections agency and we do not provide collections services directly, our product is used by a number of agencies who do. These companies effectively use available functionality to conduct their collections services in the cleanest, most transparent and non-threatening way possible in this industry.

We will gladly introduce you to one of such companies that could either assist you with collections, or help you set up a clean and effective collections services process in house using UniPay gateway as the foundation. Our partner collections agencies have extensive experience in both 1st party and 3rd party collections handling, and can assist you equally well with either friendly donation pledge follow up or long overdue mortgage or loan.

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