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Changing Processors Is More Complex Than Ever


For a payment service provider, changing processors is a more complex undertaking than ever before. Moving from one payment processor to another must involve consideration of things like onboarding integration, plus chargeback handling and much more. That’s because processors offer more than ever before.

When you fully understand the modern processor migration process, you’re in the best position to make a decision about when and if you should change processors. Every PSP considering a payment processing change should consider points of integration, including authorization and settlement, merchant onboarding, chargebacks and more. Reconciliation concerns and file loading and updating also need to be addressed. It makes sense to take all these things into consideration before making any decisions about payment processor changes.

Changing from one transaction processing company to another can be easier than you might think, however, if you choose the right new processing partner. At the PayVisors website, you can find advice and useful information from a business consulting company that wants to help you succeed. For many companies, success may come in the form of the UniPay payment gateway, a modern and robust payment processing choice that can make migration and meeting your needs easier than you ever thought possible. There’s also a world of other information about payment gateways and related topics on the PayVisor’s Buzz blog.

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