March 16, 2016 [molongui_author_box]

Challenges in Payment Software Upgrading

Adding new components to existing business solutions is always a challenge. A new component added to some business solution can either replace some older version of the same component, or perform some new functions. In any of the two cases some common problems (typical for merchant services industry) can emerge, no matter who develops the new component: internal development team from within the company, or some independent software vendors. In most cases the problems are associated with strategic planning issues, faced by entities, trying to implement new payment systems. If a business solution is upgraded by some external software vendor, there is often misunderstanding between representatives of the company and the software providers (or developers), resulting in new problems, which come to light only at the implementation stage.

Successful Implementation

Logistical issues, associated with implementation of the new payment solution, PCI compliance, certification, also have to be resolved at the initial phase of the project in order to ensure its successful implementation.

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