Build Own Payment Gateway Vs. License An Existing Product


Building your own payment gateway is a challenging and daunting project, but licensing an open source payment gateway can certainly make the process easier than starting from scratch. With the right open source payment gateway solution, you’re several steps ahead of the game and can benefit from established relationships. When trying to build your own payment gateway, you’re likely to encounter a number of issues that need to be resolved, and starting with an existing product is one way to solve the problems before you encounter them.

Commercial open source software like the UniPay payment gateway has been developed by professionals and can be easily changed — either by your team or by the expert team of coders who created it. When working with commercial open source, a wide array of development and customization opportunities is available to you. There is perhaps no easier way to allow your company or your clients to accept credit card payments than with a commercial open source payment gateway solution.

There’s more about the challenges and opportunities available to you as you build your own payment gateway in the article “Building A Payment Gateway From Scratch Vs. Licensing An Open Source Solution”, located in the Buzz section of the PayVisors website. With the right information in hand, you can make an informed decision about building a gateway to meet your needs.

Build Own Payment Gateway Vs. License An Existing Product
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Build Own Payment Gateway Vs. License An Existing Product
Want to own a payment gateway? Learn how you can build your own payment system based on the open source payment gateway.
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