February 17, 2016 [molongui_author_box]

Omni-Channel Payment Platform

In-person sales, website transactions and assisted sales through call centers can all come together in one place with an omni-channel payment platform. Omni-channel systems provide a consistent experience and allow for having all information in one place, benefitting both your staff and your customers. So what’s not to like?

Omni-channel payment processing

Omni-channel processing gives you a consistent data stream from which you can easily pull data to help you make decisions, predictions and determine how sales are really going — with minimal manipulation required. Since omni-channel payment processing means all information is in a single system no matter how the transaction is processed, there’s no longer a need to coordinate between multiple systems, meaning reduced staffing may be possible and better information quality is certain.

You may find that customers already expect that you use a single payment system. But for many companies, that’s never been a reality. Payment processing simply hasn’t kept up with advances in technology in many cases. But that’s changing as smarter commercial open source software solutions have become available that make better payment processing possible. While not all payment systems are ready to move into the future, some are. Learn more about this topic and others of interest to businesses that want to advance at the website of PayVisors, a forward-looking business consulting company. There’s an article on omni-channel payment platforms waiting for you there – and a lot more.

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