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On Premises Offers You Everything


Move up or move over to UniPay On Premises open source commercial software when your enterprise-level company wants total control over your payment ecosystem without building your own payment gateway from scratch. Bring all your processes and departments together with our robust, feature-rich and flexible product that you can change in any way you like.

When you choose UniPay On Premises solution, you’re licensing our open source payment processing software. Change it however you like – or let us change it for you. Our On Premises clients work closely with us to make sure every need is met. And when we make changes for other clients to meet their needs, you benefit from our innovations on their behalf as well.

Perfect For Legacy System Replacement And More

Our On Premises offering is a popular choice for legacy system replacement and is also the next step up for our Hosted clients who want to bring their payment ecosystem onto their own servers for total control. When you want to move payment processing in-house or build your own payment ecosystem, UniPay is ready for you.

Our product is a strong foundation for billing and merchant service companies that want to consolidate processing on a single platform. When you choose to license our open source commercial software, you handle PCI compliance and get complete control over the environment and the associated costs. Plus, you have the option of participating in collaborative payment processing through our cloud gateway architecture.

Total Control And Customization Is Possible

For an even more customized payment processing environment, the final step in your evolution with UniPay On Premises is building your own payment solution on top of the UniPay source code utilizing our development team or yours. The UniPay platform is the most robust, well-documented and widely used payment solution available today offering source code that can be purchased and modified as you like – and it can be the basis of a fully custom product of your design.

If we had to reduce UniPay to a single word, it would surely be “flexible”. UniPay On Premises offers the flexibility you need to have a feature-rich payment processing solution – on your terms. To get the price quote please contact us. For high level project cost estimate, please see this article.

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About UniPay Gateway

UniPay Gateway is the accomplished payment gateway software, being flexible and customizable it meets the requirements of the most demanding clients.

The choice of UniPay gateway is the choice of the reliable, time and industry tested payment solution, which can help your business to become more competitive and profitable.

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