Payment Technology for
Payment Aggregators

UniPay is a payment orchestration platform that can be used as the foundation of a modern payment ecosystem.

15 years on the market
20K+ merchants
100+ integrations with banks
POS Systems
Leading Platform for Payment Aggregators

UniPay meets data sovereignty requirements with on-premise deployment and source code licensing in the MENA region. Its advanced features ensure seamless integration, robust security, and compliance with local regulations.

Complete Payment Gateway Solution in MENA

UniPay is integrated with CyberSource and MPGS to offer seamless transaction processing and robust omnichannel capabilities, including a native terminal solution, SoftPOS, and localized payment pages (including Arabic language).

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UniPay Modules

UniPay offers functionality for every process in the payment management lifecycle needed by payment facilitators and aggregators.

Cart Present,
Cart Not-Present

Merchants, Owners, Terminals

Merchant Funding, Residual Commissions

Subscription Management, Collections

Terminal Ordering, Injection, Initialization

Transaction Report Generation

Here's why we are the preferred payment technology

Payment Switch Functions

Processor Agnostic Architecture

Ability to integrate and operate in parallel numerous processor and bank integrations, including direct network integrations (AmEx Direct, Visa Connect).

Smart Routing

Routing of transactions to different processing endpoints based on card BIN (AmEx, MADA), card type (debit vs ecommerce), transaction outcome (decline recovery).

Automated Settlement & Reconciliation

Support for both terminal and host capture, multiple settlement options available. Ability to automatically reconcile processed transactions and import cost.

Payment Gateway Functions

Terminal, eCommerce (3D Secure) Payments, Tokenization

Comprehensive payment processing functionality for payment cards and bank accounts (5 banking systems), full tokenization capabilities.

HPP, Pay by Link, Proxynization, Recurring Subscriptions

Ability to collect payments through Payment Pages, Payment Links, App Native Payment Forms; support for advanced subscription and recurring billing scenarios.

Multi-Industry APIs

Extensive APIs capable to accommodate retail (EMV), ecommerce (3DS), over-the-phone, restaurant (tips), lodging, car-rental, level II/III payment industries.

Payments Orchestration Functions

Merchant & Affiliate Funding

Funding of merchants and withholding of appropriate processing fees. Split payments funding for affiliate marketing (MLM) and marketplaces.

Reseller Residuals & Commissions

Calculation and funding of reseller residuals (fees rev share). Advanced commissions scenarios (e.g. loan repayments).

Convenience Fees & Platform Fees

Calculation and disbursement of convenience fees. Withholding of Platform fees from merchant remittances.

UniPay On-Premise Solution

Experience complete control and flexibility with UniPay’s On-Premise solution, designed to meet your unique payment processing needs.


Full flexibility, including logo and URL personalization on your own instances, ensuring a professional appearance.

Comprehensive design, operations support, and ISVs integration assistance for seamless payment solution implementation.

Expert assistance with PCI Audit and Compliant Hosting implementation, including secure data center hosting.

Licensing fees only, with no additional transaction or subscription fees, providing a cost-effective solution.

Source code access for your team, enabling full customization and development flexibility.

API Integration

With our UniPay platform, your clients will have access to a comprehensive set of APIs to streamline and optimize payment processes.

Processing, 3D Secure, Tokenization, HPPs

Merchant Onboarding and Provisioning

Access to Advanced Configurations

Advanced Recurring Billing

Embedded and Cloud Terminal Integrations

Seemless Data integration

Technology Stack Overview