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Solid merchant services relationship can be one of the key factors determining success of a business, especially when this business depends on credit card revenue. Low processing rates and absence of hidden fees result in hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in annual savings. Many merchants find it difficult to understand their merchant statements and fall easy prey to greedy merchant services providers.

After years of work in the merchant services industry, we have developed numerous partnerships that today enable us to provide our customers with merchant accounts and ACH processing capabilities at very reasonable and fair rates. We are not an ISO and cannot underwrite an account for you, but we have strong connections within merchant services industry, and can assist you with the underwriting process, getting you the best deal on the market. Our partners are payment service providers and ISOs that have transparent pricing structure and offer very competitive rates on their merchant services.

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Whatever you business needs are – standard processing, aggregation or high-risk, we have a solution for you! Through industry’s leading banks, ISOs and PSPs, we will find a way to get your merchant account approved. We can even get you multiple quotes through different acquirers, so you can jump on the best merchant services offer available. Various CRM, POS and shopping cart integrations are available for your use in conjunction with flexible transaction processing API and intuitive virtual terminal.

The merchant services offers available through us range from basic self-service processing to all encompassing full-service billing; transparent blended-rate or cost-plus pricing structures are provided for you to choose from. Integrated recurring billing and collections services can also be included, as well as, chargebacks handling and fraud prevention.

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