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How does direct acquirer integration work as a payment processing solution?


In this case, integration code is written into a merchant’s application and goes directly into the payment processing system. This way, there are no intermediaries, fewer points of failure, no costs for middleware and good performance in general.

Can you explain integration through connectors?

Connectors can be software or middleware and are intended to simplify direct acquirer integrations. Connectors reduce development effort and eliminate the need for integration code and its maintenance. Since connectors are provided by vendors, these vendors handle support and upgrades as changes are needed.

How does using the UniPay payment processing solution through a gateway work?

A gateway is like a connector but includes additional functions and can support several processors at one time. As a payment processing solution, a gateway simplifies many things. Integrations and certifications are easier, support and additional features are available and PCI-compliance issues are reduced. There are significant upfront costs, however and there can be a low degree of control when a hosted gateway is chosen as a payment processing solution.

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