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Can my company become a PSP?


Yes, but the process can be challenging and complex. First, you’ll need a payment software solution like UniPay, and you’ll need to decide on the PCI environment where it will live. To become and independent payment service provider, you can implement your own server or use PCI compliant hosting, which is more expensive than regular hosting. You’ll need a PCI auditor, procedures for credit card storage and you’ll need to select the banks and processors that will handle transactions.

Working with the gateway and the banks shouldn’t be a problem, but working with credit card companies can be complex, and you must be certified under your name. Cost are high in most cases, but it’s doable if you vigilantly take the right steps. Choosing UniPay, however, is the first step to doing it right.

Can my company become a PSP? обновлено: August 28, 2018 автором: Katherine Pensatori

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