White Paper: How To Become a Payment Facilitator


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Learn how to become a payment facilitator. Download this white paper and read about the paths available to you.

If you’re interested in becoming a payment facilitator, you can reinvent the wheel over the course of the next several months or use established payment software to simplify and speed up the process. Payment facilitators are the entities that take legal responsibility for funds when they aren’t in the hands of either buyers or sellers – but they do more than that in today’s payments world. They handle administrative needs and smooth the connection between businesses and the broad and complex payment industry.

The process of becoming a payment facilitator is complex, expensive and involves many issues that must be considered, but the inherent obstacles don’t necessarily need to derail you. Putting the right technology in place can dramatically reduce the hassles involved in dealing with the three essential components of success: working out banking relationships, implementing a sensible payment platform and training an efficient operations team.

In our white paper “How To Become a Payment Facilitator”, we address:
  • the emergence of payment facilitators
  • the steps to becoming a payfac
  • the things you must consider along the way
  • and more.

We also provide extensive use cases that can help you see how becoming a payfac is possible for you.

Our team at United Thinkers wants to answer your questions about becoming a payment facilitator. Complete our form now to get the full text of this useful and informative white paper for free.

There’s no obligation, and you’ll immediately get information that can help you make smart choices as you work to become a payment facilitator. Why not fill out the form now?

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White Paper: How To Become a Payment Facilitator обновлено: September 10, 2018 автором: Katherine Pensatori
White Paper: How To Become a Payment Facilitator
Article Name
White Paper: How To Become a Payment Facilitator
Are you interested in becoming a payment facilitator to help customers process credit card transactions? Download this white paper to read about the paths available for you.

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