Software Companies Can Help Ease Customer Frustrations With EMV


EMV terminals can be very frustrating for customers, but software companies can play a role in easing these issues by setting an optimistic example. It also helps when the terminal software provided by a software company is as easy to use as possible too. Customers had gotten accustomed to traditional payment terminals after using them for years, but today’s EMV payment terminals are different. And often, the EMV technology isn’t as intuitive, robust or customer-friendly as it could be.

Truthfully, the EMV liability shift has caused significant frustration throughout the payment processing industry, and it would have been better if customers could have been shielded from the frustrations. But that didn’t happen. Now, experts at every level of the industry must take action to make sure each merchant has a terminal solution that meets its needs and meets the needs of the customer too.

There’s no reason to believe that EMV chip-in-card technology will change soon or that requirements will be rolled back, so it’s important for software companies to do their part to smooth the transition problems. Offering a better terminal solution is important, and there’s an article with more information about this topic at the PayVisors website. PayVisors is a business consulting company that wants to help your business work better. Why not meet us at the PayVisors website for more on EMV and other topics that impact today’s business?

Software Companies Can Help Ease Customer Frustrations With EMV обновлено: January 20, 2016 автором: Katherine Pensatori

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