Can Your Business Save With PINless Debit?


While cost savings from PINless debit card transaction fees on debit card payments may not seem as impressive as you’d like, it’s still worth considering. Adding this capability to your debit card processing options makes sense for many companies and might just make sense for yours too. And as an added bonus, PINless debit transactions are handled through debit card networks in real time and funds are often available to merchants the next day, similar to an electronic check debit but easier on everyone.

Cost savings have indeed declined, but if your business operates on a tight margin, a little extra profit might make sense. And if you process a large number of debit card payment transactions, the small savings could really add up.

PINless debit card transactions also eliminate the risk of chargebacks. These transactions can’t be disputed, so chargebacks aren’t an issue. That means using PINless debit could eliminate a lot of your chargebacks and help you avoid getting put in the Terminated Merchant File. You must be a so-called safe industry to benefit, however.

The sales consulting company PayVisors offers much more about the advantages of PINless debit in the Buzz section of its site. To learn more about this topic, debit network fees, the Durbin amendment, the UniPay gateway and how you can process transactions smarter, visit PayVisors now. Understanding the complete picture about PINless debit card transactions can help you make sensible decisions that will save you money and enhance your business bottom line.

Can Your Business Save With PINless Debit? обновлено: January 13, 2016 автором: Katherine Pensatori

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