I heard several terms used to define a payment gateway. How does UniPay gateway fit in the picture?


Online payment gateway, credit card payment gateway, ecommerce payment gateway, internet payment gateway – these terms are commonly used in the payment processing industry to describe system involved in processing of electronic payments.

While payment gateway is a general, broad term, there are many related terms that simply highlight some specific aspect or feature of any given payment gateway and while some of these terms do not apply to each payment gateway on the market, UniPay gateway does fit the definition of each of these terms.

Online payment gateway (or internet payment gateway) is a payment gateway that is available through on-line access, usually over HTTPs protocol. UniPay gateway is a web-based solution and it is an online payment gateway.

Credit card payment gateway is a payment gateway that processes credit cards. An alternative to the credit card payment gateway can be ACH/EFT payment gateway, which would deal with bank transfers as opposed to credit card transactions. UniPay gateway handles both credit (and debit) card transactions as well as ACH/EFT transfers in a unified way.

eCommerce payment gateway can imply a classical payment gateway with some enhanced eCommerce capabilities, such as IP address filtering, support for 3D Secure as well as some other integrated fraud prevention tools. While eCommerce is not the primary field of application for UniPay Gateway, it does support most of the features necessary for on-line merchants. This includes full support for card-not-present transactions, IP address filtering, integration with 3D Secure and many other useful features.

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About UniPay Gateway

UniPay Gateway is the accomplished payment gateway software, being flexible and customizable it meets the requirements of the most demanding clients.

The choice of UniPay gateway is the choice of the reliable, time and industry tested payment solution, which can help your business to become more competitive and profitable.

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