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Easy Maintenance


A payment gateway that doesn’t work well doesn’t help anyone. That’s why the UniPay Gateway from United Thinkers is designed with easy integration and maintenance in mind. Payment gateway integration can go more smoothly than you ever imagined when you move up to UniPay and our modern, robust open source commercial software.

The UniPay solution comes with premium-level payment gateway support, guaranteeing smooth operation and ensuring that your business processes are optimized for maximum efficiency as well as governmental and regulatory compliance. Our advanced technology means PCI scope is reduced and annual PCI audits are simpler than with older, less fine-tuned systems.

In part because of our excellent support, we believe UniPay is the best payment gateway available. More than a decade of operational experience went into the design of the UniPay gateway. The result is a product that was created to be simple and effective from the start and to communicate with existing systems and apps. And since it’s open source, you can examine the code, make your own changes and see how everything works for yourself. Nothing is hidden from you and your programmers.

Depend on the easy-to-install and maintain UniPay gateway for electronic payment processing, recurring billing and more. This enterprise-scale product is ready for use by medium and large companies that need a better way to process payments to replace a legacy solution or to prevent having to design a product from scratch. Making the UniPay gateway your new company’s first and only payment gateway is also a smart decision.

Our excellent support starts now. We’re ready to show you what the UniPay gateway can do. Are you ready to move your business forward? Together, we can do great things.

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Easy Maintenance
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Easy Maintenance
Payment gateway integration and maintenance will go more smoothly for you, when you choose modern, robust and open source commercial software UniPay Gateway.
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UniPay Gateway
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UniPay Gateway is the accomplished payment gateway software, being flexible and customizable it meets the requirements of the most demanding clients.

The choice of UniPay gateway is the choice of the reliable, time and industry tested payment solution, which can help your business to become more competitive and profitable.

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